Monday, November 10, 2008

It's A Kool-Aid Christmas

Hello Children's Ministry Leaders are you looking for a way to help the kids in your sphere of influence remember to give this Christmas? I know children's ministers as well as parents want to help teach children that Christmas is more about giving than it is getting....... here is one small way you can accomplish this goal.
At our annual Christmas party one year I had children bring packets of kool aid for missionary families from our church. When the children entered for the party the trees were waiting to be decorated- the basket was full of clothes pins. Yes, I know some of you are wondering if I was just going to take them back off why go to the effort of putting them on? Well most of us are visual learners and I wanted them to see just how much ALL of them working together brought for us to send overseas.
Speaking of missionary families, did you know a lot of convenience foods / beverages can not be purchased either at all or it is too expensive to be purchased in other countries? Missionary kids in Thailand, Cambodia and Croatia were very excited to receive these goodies from our kids that year. We now collect other things for missionary families besides kool aid- macaroni and cheese, jello, cake mixes, seasoning packets- chili, taco, Italian are the top requests when we ask missionaries for a wish list! Be prepared in your budget or from donations to pay $70 - $100 to mail a medium size box (depending on weight and location). I challenge you to consider the blessing and encouragement this can be to a family who has answered the call and sacrificed much to say YES to the call to share the wonderful name of Jesus with others- all to take the gospel to every tribe and every nation!
Stop right now and pray for those who are serving our great God all over the world today! Do you know some missionary families? I further challenge you to pray for them daily!
Praying for:
The Jenkins Family - Barbados
The Ware Family - Mexico
The Teeuwan Family - Greece
The Gass Family - Asia
The Sampson Family - Cambodia
Diana - Asia
The MacDonald Family - Ukraine
The Doyle Family
The Most Family - Nicaragua
The Cook Family - Nicaragua
The Kendrick Family - Greece
The "R" Family
all the wonderful families from Pioneers I met serving in the Eurasia area

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Caribbean Cindy said...

Thanks SO much for encouraging people to pray for us, Tara!! That really means a lot!