Wednesday, April 6, 2011

School Lunch

I always have fun eating lunch with kids at their schools.  Each January I begin the trek to the different elementary schools we have children attending.  There are 22 schools I will have visited this year.  Most of the time I am in the schools on Wednesday.  I think when I write my book (yes, on my "bucket list" is to write at least one book), it may take more than one chapter to expand on the things I learn at lunch.  I am going to list just some of the things I learn......

  • how kids interact in the school environment (as opposed to church and church activities)
  • how they relate to the peers
  • who their peers are at school
  • what their teachers think of them (or the cafeteria lady)
  • what they like to eat and what they don't like to eat
  • what happened at their house that morning or the night before (sometimes good but sometimes sad)
  • how they view me- often in how they introduce me- which often makes me feel really good- "this is my friend from church Mrs. Tara"
  • many interesting things about their teachers, friends but most of all my book you all shall remain nameless but man oh man the innocence and honesty of kids- tee hee- it's awesome
If I were to be the "cafeteria lady" .......
  • I might be broke all the time- how it pains me to see the kids who have to put things back up because they don't have the money for that item
  • I would outlaw television (cartoons) EVER being played during lunch
  • I would pray the noise and behavior issues in the cafeteria would not get to me and I could remain "nice" - which most places I visit the environment is really neat! (yes, I do realize I am in the cafeteria once a week and they are in there every day, all school year)
  • I would figure out a way for little ones not to have to begin lunch at 10:30 in the morning..... I know it is a tight schedule but come on (it makes for a really long lunch time when you begin then and the last lunch is at 12:40)..... if I wouldn't look silly I would take a seat cushion
Kids in their environment are awesome.  I love it when I get to sit with them at their regular lunch table.  Most schools that is not possible because we have way too many kids who attend there- and I can't bounce back and forth from tables.  However, it is amazing when we get a table for our group and they say "I didn't know you go to First Baptist".  I like to see them connect. 

Oh yes- and I always take my lunch.  No offense cafeteria ladies of the world- I always did and always will.  It is just better that way ......

Tomorrow the homeschool are coming to me- whoo hoo! Lunch with all of them here at the church and guess what??? They are bringing lunch- woot woot!

Have a great afternoon!

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Lynda said...

Cool about getting a table for the First Baptist Group. That's an excellent idea! And I love that you had a homeschool lunch. That was an awesome idea. I had a vacation day today so missed that.