Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Week

Well I had a week full of a variety of things...............

Monday - I enjoyed spending time with my family. Fun times cooking out and enjoying the pool!

Tuesday- It seemed like Monday all day but fun times planning the Fall with the Childhood Ministries staff. Tuesday night the baby I have asked you to pray for, Joshua, was born.

Wednesday- Baby Joshua died after 12 hours. Thanking Jesus for the gift of children and his grace to allow his momma to hold him. Wednesday night we have the Team Family Scavenger Hunt = Team Scannapiego wins!

Thursday- A busy day with new church stuff........I head to my parent's house to celebrate my youngest cousins 1st Birthday! (Yes, I will be 40 this month and he turned 1- LOL).

Friday- Lunch with a friend for more Fall Planning. Head to my mamaw's house to help her with her computer. Then I think I am headed to swim BUT the much needed rain comes and cancels those plans. I head to eat at my favorite lakeside restaurant - Dockside (in Harrison Bay State Park). Head to new church and WOW!

Saturday - doing nothing but watching all the MATLOCK shows I have on DVR. Yes, I love Matlock.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Please continue to pray for a miracle for Baby Hadley. I also ask you to pray for my friend Sheron's sister/hubby as their whole family grieves the loss of Joshua.

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Caribbean Cindy said...

I have been lifting up Crystal and all her family all through these months but particularly as they grieve and recover from this very hard time. I continue to ask God for a miracle for Hadley. So brought of these young couples for being strong and not choosing abortion! Wish they did not have to walk down these hard roads. Good to have you back here - I have missed you!