Friday, July 2, 2010

Children are a blessing!

Yesterday was a fun day- although busy. I got to visit a family in our church who just had twins- Ariel and Aiden. The family has 6 boys already so with the new babies they have 8 children. What a fun time I had getting to hold these precious wonders. I also enjoyed getting to see how much the boys had grown - especially Micah and Ethan. Ethan made me laugh because he giggled a WHOLE lot.

Then I went to an Adoption Celebration for another family in our church- Jake and Merica. I have the privilege of serving on staff with Jake. The celebration was for their new son who will hopefully get an approved visa soon so they can go get him in India. At the celebration I got to play/see with lots of little friends -Cade, Mary Evelyn, Lia, Harper, Dosen, Matthew, Andrew, Morgan and I got to see some older siblings (see because they were playing older kids games) Luke, Dosen, Fletcher, Winston, Emmy, Anna Grace,.............. hope I didn't leave anyone out. It was a sweet time of fellowship, fun and prayers over a family who hope to bring their son home soon. Please pray all comes together soon.
There was also a family there who was to leave today to go and get their child from Ethiopia.

I was very excited I got to hear my friend Cade talk for the very first time. He is normally very quiet around me. It was so sweet. Also I was so proud of my friend Mary Evelyn for sharing her toys. She was such a big girl. I had let some of the little kids put my keys in her lunchbox. Matter of fact I gave them to and said put them in the lunchbox. Well as Mary Evelyn said goodbye I luckily remembered my keys! I could have been stuck- OH NO!

I also got to see a family in our church who is expecting very soon!

Today I have been praying for two families- Jared & Jane and Ryan & Crystal- who need a miracle for their unborn babies. Jared and Jane's baby girl Hadley has been diagnosed with thanatophoric dysplasia. Jane is due in early November. Ryan and Crysal's baby boy Joshua Matthew has been diagnosed with a bone dysplasia. Crystal is due in early August.
Both have been told this is fatal to their babies. Both couples were encouraged to abort their babies. These couples decided to carry their babies and trust God with their precious children! Will you join me in praying for them? Jared and Jane have a group on Facebook you can join (and leave them encouraging words) - Search for the group Praying for Hadley. Jane is my Co-Pastor- Jim's daugther. Crystal is the sister of one of my volunteers at church Sheron.
I am praying for a miracle for Hadley and Joshua.

I am thankful for children. I have been deeply impacted to pray for all the unborn children. I have been reminded to pray for those awaiting forever families both here and around the world. I have been praying for all children as they continue to learn and grow. I love children. I am also thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves them MORE!


rachel addison said...

Love to hear your stories, and , yes, I will be praying for those unborn babes & parents !

Niki Ary said...

I am praying for both of these precious babies-- asking God for a miracle for these families. Know that I am also praying for you and Mike. Hopefully before too long we can get together!

Felicia said...

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