Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Relaxing Time for Me

Every chance I get here is where I go........................... my parent's pool. I love to get in the water and it is so relaxing to me. Even if I am the only person in the pool. I also like to spend time in the pool with my mom- it is our chat time.

I also like to go to a restaurant near my parent's house. It is inside Harrison Bay State Park (I worked here during a couple of summers during college- as did my two sisters). It is only a block from my parent's house. The restaurant is Dockside Cafe. Matter of fact the man who runs the restaurant and is an excellent cook is someone we grew up with - church, school and lived near us. He likes to be called "Sam" now but he will always be "Sammy" to me- can't help it.

You can check them out online at-
Last night, Mike came to my parents and he and I went to eat at Dockside. Mike was happy they had there all you can eat Catfish dinner for $9.99. I loved it because I always have their Crunchy Chicken. It is made with cornflakes. I can't get the recipe out of him but thought someone here might have a recipe for chicken breasts made with cornflakes?

The cafe' is very casual- as many have come in to grab a bite from their boat. They have outdoor seating as well. Don't forget to save some bread or bring some to feed the many ducks and turtles once you leave. It is one of my favorite places. I also love their desserts. I had strawberry cream pie last night. Yummy!

Maybe sometime I will share why the ducks at the park have always been so special to me..... and continue to be very special!


The Munck Family said...

Mrs. Tara ...the duck story! Elizabeth just told the duck story a few weeks ago when the Pauls' came to visit. See your not the only one who tells that story:)

We love you!!!

misslynda said...

When you bake chicken with the corn flakes, add some garlic and/or onion powder, and some pepper, too. We have baked them that way. You can dip them first in about anything from buttermilk to eggs to a bit of mayonnaise. I am sure if you do a search for cornflake chicken, you will get bunches of recipes. Did you know Diamond Lil's Restaurant used Frosted Flakes to bread their baked chicken? One of their former waitresses told me that. Sugar will make just about anything taste better but it definitely negates the healthy aspect of baking it!

BFL Designs said...

Dockside Cafe has a new website now. You can visit it at! Enjoy