Monday, April 20, 2009

Banana Split Night

Yummy doesn't that look great? Well it does but I forgot it was banana split night at AWANA. So that means I forgot to have the stuff purchased for banana split night and that means I had to disappoint a big group of kids last night all because I forgot. I hate when that happens. I do think it is possible that two of my Kindergarten Sparks teachers might have been the most disappointed about not having banana splits last night. Our great commander, Mr. Terry, has agreed to have them next week. I will be gone on the mission trip so I will miss out- guess that works out since I forgot. All I could do was say I was sorry. Man alive I hate when that happens.

I am also sorry to the AWANA Food Crew who will be grilling hamburgers for our supper and having to serve banana splits. Originally I had put the banana split night on pizza night- which is a relatively easier thing for the Food Crew to serve. So if you are able to come and help serve next Sunday Night in AWANA from 5:15 - 7:10 - I know they would appreciate it. Please let me know if you can do - I mean think about it you would get a banana split too.........

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