Friday, August 15, 2008


Well most of you know I am home recovering from surgery. AND most of you realize I thought I would be out a week and be back at work. Well surgery didn't go as expected so I stayed in the hospital almost a week. Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I am still moving pretty slow. I still can't drive. I know the recovery time is needed for my body to heal. Belief me I "feel" I am not healed yet. However, being such a people person I am going STIR crazy. I like it when I have a visitor. I know my husband most likely likes that too - then he gets some peace and quiet from me. He has been a trooper.
Thank you to everyone who is praying for me- please continue to pray as I go through recovering. I don't know when I will be back at church - my doctor still will not talk with me about when I can return. I have had some setbacks but he promised me yesterday that soon I am going to turn the corner... that he is going to get me better. Yipee I say!
It would be better if I could do more but I can't lift, sit up for a long time, well just do normal things. Although I do praise Jesus that each day is getting better. I can now see improvement each day.
I am going to try and sneak in the back of the ground breaking for our new church Sunday- I can not miss this.
So my husband and I have decided - I do not do surgery or recovery very well.
Pray my incision heals in one place soon - the doctor told me I could get in a private pool when it does- my parents have a pool so I can't wait to head there.
Much love and thanks!

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Triathamom said...

Yea! You blogged! You must be feeling somewhat better.

I woke up this morning a little sad that I wouldn't be reviewing my script & getting ready for Kid's Church.

I hope you do get to make it to the ground breaking. There will be so many there that will be happy to see you!!!