Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Glimpse of why I do what I do......

I attended the wedding today of a close family friend. The eldest son of this family was married. It was a neat experience. I have had the privilege to serve along with this family at two churches- the father of the family is my current co-pastor (at our church the two senior pastors are called co-pastors- one is more the preaching pastor and the other is more the ministries of the church). As I waited for the service to begin and I looked about the sanctuary I realized the impact on young people and families this family has had. It is neat to see people and what God has done in their life and how He is using them to impact His kingdom - it is amazing. I have told my pastor before how neat it must be as he sees this in young adults he has had in the past as a youth pastor and to see young adults begin families he and his wife have had the opportunity to impact. To think that you have had a small part of things like that is I believe one of the blessings here on earth our Heavenly Father allows. I realize as the old Lee Greenwood song "Thank You" says we will each never realize the ways God uses us in others lives until we are gathered in heaven.
Today a tear or two trickled down my face as I looked at the TEN children this couple has allowed my husband and I to get to know over the past 8 1/2 years and I was choked up.
At the reception a family from my former church approached me telling me their son who just completed his 5th grade year was required to do a chapel talk at his school. She handed me an envelope and shared he had chosen to speak about me. She wanted me to have a copy of what he said at that talk. He specifically wrote about the adoption journey my husband and I are on. I told her I had better wait to read it and she agreed I should wait. Well as I drove away that day, I did read it. It talked about how I was his first children's minister and how sad he was when I left. It talked about how I help children and go on mission trips. He then talked about our journey to adopt two sisters from an orphanage. Tears streamed down my face as I realized what I had been thinking about my co-pastor had just happened to me. It reminded me that is why I do what I do- to impact children and their families lives. Yes, I get tired sometimes and yes sometimes I think is this worth it. Then I see all the little faces smiling at me, excited to see me, all the hugs I get, not to mention the kids who promote to the youth but still come see me and then I get handed something like I did today... It is then the Lord reminds me what I do is not a job but a calling. I am called to minister to boys and girls and their families. So even when the days are long and I am tired (and yes I am getting tired more often) , I am to keep on keeping on! And I think of how glad I am I get to do what I do!

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Laura said...

Oh' Mrs. Tara i love wordless Wednesday. It doesn't take me long to post that one:) Yes just a picture and no words unless you want to. You know me it's hard for me to be wordless...Heehee! I thought about you lots yesterday, love ya!