Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty and The Beast

Many of you are aware of my huge passion (some call it an obsession) for all things Disney.  Since they first announced this was in the works, I have been super excited to watch this live action remake of a beloved animated Disney movie.  A few weeks ago a media frenzy ensued about the release of this highly anticipated movie.  Many things were published online about the director's comments about some things he alluded were in the movie.  Blog posts, reviews, articles, etc. began to appear ALL over the place.  As I began to read some - I struggled on what I should do about the movie.

I have spent my entire adult life coming alongside parents as they muddle through raising warriors for Jesus in a world that is getting harder and harder to navigate.  Never do I want my actions or endorsements to ever be a stumbling block for anyone- especially children.  I wasn't sure what to think after reading so much.  Until I read a blog from someone who had actually seen the movie (before it had been released).  I have searched to find it again- a friend on Facebook had posted it.  I so wish I had kept it.  I'd like to thank the blogger - she encouraged me to go see the movie and see for myself what I thought of all the "hub bub".

So today I saw the movie.  Here is what I posted on Facebook-

Mike and I went to see Beauty and the Beast today. I wanted to decide what I thought about all the "hub bub" prior to it's release myself. And unless I missed it - there was no kiss. A couple of innuendos on a couple of things - less than in most movies I've seen targeted for kiddos. I really liked the movie. It was awesome. I had a few favorite parts - but I won't spoil it for others. Oh the music- wonderful. I will be singing those songs for a while in my head. I will tell you if you have young children or kids who tend to be scared easily- the wolf scenes and a couple of the ones with the Beast are pretty intense. So there is my two cents for what it is worth!

I have been shocked at the number of responses.  Most all have the same sentiment about the movie as I expressed.  A few asked me if they could share my post- which was very humbling.  It also has reminded me that others are always watching us.  It is a continual reminder to strive to live for Him at all times.  

My favorite scene in the whole movie happens in the castle library.  I am a lover of books (like Belle).  I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen the movie yet.  Just wait for it! 

I love the new inspiration for all things Beauty and The Beast - here are a few of my favs- 

Oh, how much fun this classic Disney story allows us to have when we begin to allow our creativity to kick in! 

If you haven't seen the movie- watch the trailer  HERE! 

 Two weeks before the movie I actually got to see Belle's dress while visiting One Man's Dream Exhibit at Hollywood Studios (and watched a sneak peak of the movie- it was just enough to increase my desire to see the movie) !

For those who have seen the movie- leave a comment on what you thought! 

Much Love! 
Mrs. Tara 

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