Monday, December 8, 2014

Journey to Bethlehem

I am excited for a special upcoming night at church.  Families from our church and community will have the opportunity to step back in time.  Each participant will begin in our sanctuary with our Co-Pastors leading in "setting the stage" for what they are about to experience.  Then they will begin their journey for their family to take part in the census.  They will then enter in the marketplace area and experience the different shops to barter and buy for all your family needs.

Then they will step outside to try and find a room in the inn.  However, because there is no room they will be offered space among the animals.  Participants can interact with the animals before they come to the manger where baby Jesus was born.

Families will then have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas cookies and drinks together as they come back inside the church.   It is our pray this night will provide many opportunities for teachable moments about the greatest gift ever given - Jesus!

Join us on December 17th!  Please sign up online for a time for you and your family to take part in this incredible experience - Sign Up Here!

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