Thursday, March 28, 2013

A lesson learned

Almost 19 years ago while serving in my first church position as the School Age Program Director, I was excited to use the Resurrection eggs with the children in our ministry.  I had saved the last egg (aka the special egg) for a little boy that I thought needed to feel extra special that day.  He kept asking if it was his turn to open the egg and I would reply not yet, be patient.  I was super pumped for him thinking he was gong to be so excited.
However, I did not stop to think about his age and the fact that he couldn't fully grasp the concept that this special egg was empty because of the incredible gift Jesus gave to us on the cross of Calvary.  Anticipation built in both of us.  I couldn't wait for him to realize he had the most special egg of all- the empty one to represent that Jesus is alive! His anticipation was to see what was in his egg like everyone else.  Never in a million years could I have prepared myself (or the other kids) for what happened when he opened his egg.  Instead of excitement and great joy there were tears.  A lot of tears.  Oh my goodness it was a colossal fail on my part.  To top it all off I was in seminary studying children's ministry and childhood development at the time.  I should have realized he could not grasp abstract concepts at his age.  I just wanted him to feel special.  I got him calmed down and tried to recover somewhat for the main point of the group devotion.

As I reflect on the happenings so many years ago, it makes me wonder how many adults don't grasp the concept that the tomb is empty and HE is ALIVE! It makes me wonder do they realize He died for them.  For each of us.  For my sins and yours.  Yes He loves us that much! 

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Note- I highly recommend the Resurrection eggs as a teaching tool.  However, I advise you learn from my mistake.      

Much Love!
Mrs. Tara  

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