Saturday, October 20, 2012

Re-entry is so hard

Our team has almost been back a week from Nicaragua.  It doesn't really seem possible.  Seven whole days since I have left a gorgeous country.  A country I fell in love with many years ago.  I have been to Nicaragua at least seven times maybe eight- I have lost count.  What I am certain is each time re-entry into my culture becomes a little more difficult. 

I came back this time not feeling well- a silly double ear infection that airline flights didn't help.  I will be glad when I am feeling 100% physically.  However, that is really not what I am referring to when I mentioned re-entry.  What I am speaking about is trying to wrap my mind around all my eyes and heart took in during the week. 

I have pondered my time in this beautiful country and with precious friends (both new ones and old ones).  As I sit in my air conditioned house that has all the modern conveniences our culture offers and type on my laptop with the Internet that runs in my house, I can't help but be a little numb.  You see I've been pondering what I am going to eat for dinner- take out, a pizza from the freezer, soup from the pantry, a sandwich, leftovers from the fridge ..... really my options are unlimited.  To be honest though- I can't decide what to eat.  The phrase "being hungry" takes on a new meaning.  I don't know that I have ever truly felt "hungry".   As I sit here in Cleveland, Tennessee with the many blessings that surround me, I do so knowing that in a little place called Los Sanchez their are hungry people.  People that on good days drink a little coffee for breakfast (they grow it there) and hopefully the energy from about half a cup of coffee would keep them going until dinner.  Most days they will be blessed to eat rice and beans for dinner. 

The people of Los Sanchez are happy, content, thankful, blessed and so faithful.  Faithful to a Savior they love and trust.  Faithful to their Provider.

I continue to ponder and ask God to fill me with a happiness, contentedness, and faithfulness like my friends.  

May I never be the same- may I never forget!
Much Love!
Mrs. Tara

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