Monday, January 2, 2012

Yes I'm Obsessed!

Well, if you know me personally, chances are you also realize I am obsessed with a mouse.  Not just any mouse, but a mouse who lives in Florida.  Yes- I am talking about Mickey Mouse! 

This love started many years ago when my grandparents, parents, aunt (10 years older than me), uncle (7 years older than me) and my younger sister headed out for Fort Wilderness at Disney World.  It is a memory that is very vivid from my childhood.  I remember the camper, the boat ride/boat parade and my family.  It would be several years before I would return but the love of that place and the memories were stamped on my heart forever. 

Many have asked, "Don't you get tired of going?"  To be honest, no I don't.  I can't get enough.  I am also asked if I ride the rides.  Yes, I do.  But my favorite are the shows and the parades.  I love it when I can go with my husband.  However, as strange as many find it- I am okay to go by myself too.  Often I have a conference in Orlando and he can't always attend.  Last year I needed a vacation and he couldn't go- so guess what- he told me to go and I did.  I had a blast. 
Here is one of my favorite things to see......
(picture taken by my husband from the Contemporary Resort )

This past week while visiting Disney World, we drove past the entrance to Fort Wilderness.  I got all misty eyed and emotional.  I looked at my husband and asked how in the world did my grandparents and parents ever afford to take us to Disney?  I now realize what a gift my inaugural trip was financially.  It not only began a love for the place but for the one who created it too. 
If you can dream it, you can do it!
Walt Disney

Stay tuned..... I am working on a post of my observations / suggestions for visiting Disney with your children!


Lynda said...

I think I probably told you that Bill proposed to me at Disney!

Tara Waldrop said...

Oh WOW - no I didn't know that Mrs. Lynda! I can't wait to hear all about it. See you tomorrow!