Monday, February 15, 2010

The real deal!

Valentine's Day 2010 I had the privilege to share with these five precious friends about following Jesus! Oh sometimes I feel so unworthy of sharing such things. As I have shared I am not a "physical" parent but it is times like these I realize the privilege I have been given to have come alongside their parents to help "spiritually" parent my young friends. It is an amazing privilege and one I will always treasure.
First of all I realize and acknowledge their parents are the main players in this role. However, on days like this it is so neat to be able to have the conversations with children. I am so thankful for those opportunities. I feel it helps keep me in touch with children and their faith, fears and dreams. It is also overwhelming. It can be deep. I can be challenging. It can be inspiring! Here are some snippets of conversations I had or heard today..............

What if people don't believe in Jesus? I am afraid they will think He is a fairy tale.
I remember praying and accepting Jesus and I felt WOW!
When I asked Jesus to come in my life, He did. I know it. I even knew He was there.
What if I am too short when I get baptized?
No, the water doesn't really wash away your sins.
Do we get to keep our robe when we get baptized?
Will you pray for me about doing what Jesus wants me to do, I am having trouble making good choices.
When I start to do something wrong I know it, it is like a little person is whispering in my ear- STOP!
I want everyone to go to heaven.

Wish you each could have been there! It is always precious. The questions, concerns and thoughts are amazing- I think we know someone who had a lot to say about the faith of a child! Do you remember when you accepted Christ? Do you remember how that felt? It is my prayer you are more in love with Him today than you were that day. If not, talk to Him right now!

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