Saturday, October 10, 2009

What an exciting night!

We had a great evening last night at the Coupon Town Hall! Thanks so much to Jenny Martin from - our special guest for the evening. She taught us many things and was very flexible as we had an interesting night

all to learn more about using ...............
COUPONS!!! She taught us new things, reminded us of good coupon ethics and how to honor the Lord through it all.

Our evening was exciting ................ a visit from emergency personnel. Thankfully our person needing assistance was okay.
AND thanks for the patience as we evacuated to the basement at the advisement of our fire department due to the tornado warning our area. Although brief it made for one interesting evening. Hope you enjoyed the night and learned a lot!!!!

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Kelly said...

What's up with you holding meetings and emergency personnel showing up? Hmmmmmm? Also I've been told I am to twist your arm...I am doing it through prayer. You should come!!! Have a wonderful day !!!