Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Football Time in Tennessee!!

Yes, I know that the University of Tennessee Football began last week. However, since we were at Family Camp I did not watch the game. My husband did. They had a tent set up for people to stop by and watch the games.......... or CAMP out at the tent - which is what my precious hubby did. Matter of fact we laughed because he did not even eat lunch- he just kept watching the games. He was excited our team - UT- won. He said that this week would be a truer test to see how they really looked.............. well we lost today.

Mike is a die hard UT football fan. He grew up in a county right beside Knox County- where UT is located. He is a very patient and quiet man. Most people ask me if he ever talks. I usually laugh and say yes but most of the time he can't get a word in when I'm around. Everyone just laughs because they know I am never at a loss for words. He is really, really quiet. He however has come a long way in his shyness since we met. What most people don't realize is this quiet man becomes a different person when UT football is involved- well really UT anything. He really likes UT basketball. We especially like to watch UT women play- they are incredible. He has a collection of UT things and in our last house we had a UT room. I have recently decided I am going to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a UT room again.

My mom would never believe me that her quiet, shy and very polite son-in-law actually would yell and shout during games. So one day (without him realizing it, I called her and she heard him) and she just laughs. Normally he fires everyone or thinks they need to be fired. He tells the players what they did wrong, or what they should be doing, etc. Well today was no different. We ordered pizza and I looked over and he had not touched his plate. He said he was waiting until it cooled down. He just grinned and I laughed and thought yeah right. Tennessee was at the end of the fourth quarter and had a small window of a chance to win. He was just too anxious. I laughed and laughed. They lost- he finally ate................ it cooled down (AND so did he!). He even wore his orange shirt to watch the game. I love watching UT football with him.

I love him very much! Other than my salvation, my husband is the best gift God has ever given me! He just realized he does not think he can watch next week's big game against the Florida Gators because he will be driving home from a counseling conference. Oh I hope he gets here- it is great entertainment for me just to watch him........ um I mean the game. :)

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