Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you have Syrup?

As I began to make plans for my latest adventure in missions, I decided one activity suggested in the VBS Boomerang Express teacher's book I just had to do. I wasn't sure why. I even told my husband I didn't know why I was so determined to accomplish this task. I knew I couldn't do it exactly like the book suggested- after all I would be on a mission trip. So he began to help me think how can I accomplish this. Someone told me about Bisquick's new Shake and Pour- where you just add water. Okay I could take spray butter. My husband said well what about syrup - well I will just pack that too. He was concerned it would spill in the luggage- but I reminded him it would be sealed and I would put it in several sealed bags. My next obstacle was how in the world was I going to cook the pancakes. Well I had learned from my good friend Amanda and Cooking Live demonstrator that you can purchase electric single cooking eyes. So I set off in search of one. For under $10 I discovered one at Walgreen's. My next concern was how in the world would I find something to cook these in without it weighing a ton. We were already so close on luggage, I knew this could be the one thing that prevented us from completing this activity. Until............ I passed by the camping isle at Wally world. I stopped and said, " Mike look!" It was a fold up skillet (the handle folded up) and it was relatively light weight. It was also under $10. I was on my way to Croatia ready to make pancakes with ten 3 and 4 year olds whose families live all over Europe with the sole purpose of advancing God's kingdom.
The day came to look at the story where Jesus fed his disciples breakfast. This was the whole point of the activity was to eat a breakfast item and further reiterate the point. Little did I know the point of the lesson this morning was just for me.
As I shared Mr. Jake (a member of our mission team) was going to make us pancakes. He began his preparations but the questions began. The first little girl in her small little voice said, "Mrs. Tara do we have syrup?" I answered yes, we had syrup. She asked, "Where did you get it?" I said I brought it with me. She asked, "From the United States?" Thinking her curiosity over the pancake syrup was a little strange, I simply said yes. As the children finished cleaning up and realized we were really going to have pancakes, their excitement continued. However, the conversation I had just finished about syrup repeated itself with several other children. I thought that is really odd. What is up with syrup.
As the parents came several hours later to pick their children up, the children began to share we had eaten pancakes. That first little girl who asked me about the syrup, exclaimed to her mother and we had syrup. I looked at her mother and told her about our conversation and simply said what is the deal about syrup? By this time several of the parents had gathered and began to laugh. They said, Mrs. Tara we can't get syrup. And if we can it is at the very least $15 a bottle- so we make our own. They shared that syrup in a bottle was a real treat. Wow! I was really overwhelmed. I didn't realize the determination I had to make this activity possible was because for ten boys and girls whose families sacrifice much for God's kingdom, God wanted to bless that morning. Yes, with something as simple as syrup. This was another example to me that God not only cares about big things in our lives but the smallest of things like syrup in a bottle.
This little girls mom told me that every snack we had brought to give the children for snacks were real treats- either they could not be purchased at all or they were way to expensive. Wondering what those treats were- gold fish crackers, fruit roll ups, animal crackers, oreos, lorne doones, fruit snacks, graham crackers and mnm's. Feeling like you take so much for granted yet? It was right then I knew the whole purpose of that lesson was to show me how incredibly blessed I really am, how much I take for granted, how I do not pray for those who serve on foreign fields enough, ............... yes, the list of lessons from a gracious heavenly Father continue to come. I pray you look around today and realize the small ways God blesses you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Wow - Tara - that is so amazing. Oh, how we take things for granted. Thank you for sharing this with me. Can I share this story? Kathy

Jenn M said...

That is an amazing story! God works through EVERYTHING - even syrup!!! He loves us and loves to see us enjoying stuff - even fruit rollups and syrup. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Guy Studio said...

That is so awesome!!! Makes me want to send a box over. Funny how God works.. When your story started I thought you were going to say it had spilled. I had that happen with lotion.. left grease spots on all our clothes.
Your awesome!

Together We Save said...

Awesome story.

Kelly said...

What an awesome story Tara! Isn't it amazing how God works sometimes...teaches us our own lesson through us teaching others!